Testimonial from Josh Khoo

My deepest appreciation to Miss Tham Hui Saan, whom had cured me 99.99% of a Brain Stem Stroke. Within a month, I was able to walk and went out for a dinner. And within 6 months , I started to play table tennis again.

She is a very gifted and talented young Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncturist. She is extremely good with stroke, brain , spinal and many nerve related problems .

After my stroke, I was under the normal western medication of Plavix blood thinning and Lipitor Cholesterol. Surprisingly, I did not have any previous medical record of high-blood pressure and cholesterol. The question is as to how I got a brain stem stroke, even the Neurologist did not know. Old age at 55 was the reason given.

After I was discharged from the medical hospital, my body was still aching, my neck muscle was very stiff and my whole body structure was in “S-Shape”. I had a blurred vision and was out of focus. I saw things upside down and could not be able to judge a distance. My taste buds were not working which I could not even sense any palate. I have no other choice but to seek further treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

But, not all the acupuncturist can cure me. She is different and she is extraordinary. I was very lucky being introduced to her and very much indebted to her for curing me. She wasvery honest and passionate in her work. On the 1st day of reviewing my brain MRI scan, she was professional and gave very assuring words likes “can look forward to”. She was confident to cure me. As a sick patient, this was something great and one loved to hear rather than time will tell.

My words cannot truly describe her demi-god ability. She has that special gift and skill others do not have. Kudos to Miss Tham Hui Saan at Han Neuro Acupuncture & Herbal Specialists.