Han Neuro Acupuncture & Herbal Specialists is a Chinese Medicine center located in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Our center provides systematic and holistic treatment towards neurological diseases. With the application of highly effective Micro Perception In-Depth (MPID) treatment system, we offer comprehensive and high quality specialized medical care towards brain, nervous system, muscular system and skeletal related diseases.

Upholding the main principle – which is to treat the disease’s primary aetiology, this unique diagnostic skill is established with its own distinctive features of assessment and treatment. MPID’s remarkable curative effect attracted visitors from over 40 countries to approach and seek for treatment.

An overview of the centre

Micro Perception In-Depth (MPID)

Micro Perception In-Depth (MPID) is the refinement of Chinese Medicine skill. With palpation being the main feature, Dr. Tham Hui Saan (the founder of MPID) forms a standard which detects the morphological changes in human body. It aids  a better understanding of physiology and philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Relationship between Brain and Nerve


  • Our Chinese Medicine diagnosis and treatment is integrated with MPID (Micro Perception In-Depth) standard, along with unique assessment and treatment techniques.
  • Distinctive in industry, MPID’s remarkable curative effect has attracted visitors from over 40 countries to approach and seek for treatment


Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday : 9am-6pm
Saturday and Sunday : 8.30am-5pm


Monday (一) Tuesday (二) Wednesday (三) Thursday (四) Friday (五) Saturday (六) Sunday (日)
Tham Hui Saan 谭惠珊 9am- 6pm 9am- 6pm 9am- 6pm 9am- 6pm 8.30am- 5pm
Tan Li Ping 陈俐萍 9am- 6pm 9am- 6pm 9am- 1pm 9am- 6pm 8.30am- 5pm
Chan Xian Kang 曾宪康 9am- 6pm 2pm- 6pm 9am- 6pm 9am- 6pm 8.30am- 5pm
Tee Jun Huei 郑竣晖 9am- 6pm 9am- 1pm 8.30am – 5pm
Amelia Ang Sze Yun 翁葹紜 9am- 6pm 2pm- 6pm 2pm- 6pm 8.30am- 5pm
Ng Chee Yong 黄子扬 2pm- 6pm 9am- 1pm 8.30am- 5pm


We provide Acupuncture house call for those who in need. Please contact us for further information.