I had a terrible fell during hiking on Aug 2017 and have severe and deep pain on my left ankle since that. I couldn’t walk and stand more than five minutes. I have been seeing for several doctors , went for different type of Chinese traditional treatments ,multiple times of physio therapy, few times of x ray and MRI scanning for the over one year. All the reports showed normal but I was still suffering with the sharp pain after those advisable treatments by the Orthopaedics.

I had no choice but to take pain killer and even steroid injection to maintain my daily life. The worst scenario was the pain level had increased after the injection and I need to take twice of pain killers every day.

At this helpless moment, a friend introduced me to Han Neuro. At the first time and only with one of the x-ray film, Doctor Tham said the root cause is because my big toe has shifted and subsequently causing the pain to my left ankle. I patiently follow the acupuncture treatments with Doctor Tham and finally I rescued from the pain after one month of treatment and ended my16 months nightmares.

Unfortunately, one month later, I have cervical neck problem due to my wrong postures. I was admitted to hospital because of unbearable pain & hot sensations from my both hands all along from shoulders to fingers and upper back and tingling all across my body. From the MRI scanning, Neurologist said that I only have minor cervical spondylosis on my C2 and C3. The treatment what the doctor advises is medication and physio therapy. But I still suffered from the pain and all the symptoms and only can sleep with sitting. There was no improvements at all after two weeks of medication.

I decided to discontinue the medication and have treatment at Han neuro. Once again, Dr Tham saved me from the desperate straits. I have a more healthy neck curve (C Curve) compared to previous under the treatments. Pain has decreased by every visit and eventually I can sleep as usual.

Upper : First MRI

Lower : 2nd MRI after treatments at Han Neuro

I truly appreciate to the great efforts of Dr Tham and the whole medical team of Han Neuro to easing my conditions.