Testimonial from JL Lim

I encountered my neck issue since year 2012, where i got the severe pain on my neck during showering at home. I couldn’t describe how painful it was, and it caused i couldn’t move on from my neck until my right hand. I was sent to GP clinic for cutting down the pain, and GP doctor had referred me to the hospital in Ampang to look for Orthopaedic specialist. I was admitted to hospital immediately. The Specialist Doctor has done initial diagnosis on me and put me on bed to do one of the physiotherapy – traction on bed. However, it doesn’t go well as I vomited no long ago after the traction on me.

At the evening, I did MRI scanning and the result came that I had some issues (Mild central canal Stenosis, Minimal impingement, etc) at C3, C4, C5 and C6 of my cervical spine. Although the report stated it is mild and minimal, but the pain is absolutely disaster to me. I did ask doctor any permanent solution and what causes this pain on me. The doctor did mention I’m having bone degeneration, where my bone condition is belonging to 50+ years old while my age was 32 years old at that point of time. The only solution is the do surgery on neck, where there is a huge impact and risk. The worst case scenario is paralyzed at my half body. However, doctor didn’t recommend me for surgery until I really hit the pain that I couldn’t take.

After discharging from hospital, I have to wear the “collar neck brace support” for several months. I have to go through unusual daily life that impacting my sleeping posture, slow walking, and most of the time is just sitting on sofa/chair.

I was discipline to do my physiotherapy. However, it is costly to me and it is not covered by the medicard that I’m having. Eventually, I gave up of going there and do it by myself at home.

I have to give up my favourite sport and need to be extra careful on any activity that may impact to my neck. It is a disappointment of my daily life as I love sport.

My neck got improvement after months, and the pain will hit me “on and off” without notice. Once it hits, usually i will get the pain on my right side of neck and eventually will cause migraine to me.
There was one fine day that I had breakfast with my wife. My wife overheard the conversation from ladies next table about the Han Neuro medication and treatment. She obtained the information from the ladies and i agree to give a try since there is no solution on me.

On my first visit on 6 Jan 2017 at Han Neuro Center, I have shown my year 2012 MRI reports and explained my history and condition. Miss Tham who has attended my case, and she explained to me about bone degeneration and others. From the day onwards, I started my journey of the treatment and medication from Han Neuro.

It is part of the Chinese medication and treatment, where it uses acupuncture, herbs, some tools. Aside of my neck issue, I requested the practitioner to help me on migraine too. The frequency of the visit started in weekly. So fortunate, I have the improvement and the visit reduce to bi-weekly, 3 weeks per visit and a month per visit.

As of today, I found my health has improved. The first effective result is, I didn’t get serious pain on neck, and secondly I didn’t get migraine attack. Previously, the average of getting migraine is one or twice per month.

I’m so thankful to Miss Tham and the assistant from Han Neuro, who had spent effort and patience on me.