It all started with a constant severe backache and slowly it leads to my daily activities. For a long period of time… oh I mean years… it has been troubling myself from lifting, pain while standing or sitting, my hands were always numb to the extent of having constant headaches and even once or twice a week with hard time breathing.

I’ve visited various doctors and even flying off to other cities and countries to get better care from the specialist. Every specialist has its own reason for my health issue from bad posture, nerve problems etc.. So, the specialists gave me all sorts of treatments and medication. Slowly, I kinda gave up until my uncle recommends me to HAN Neuro Acupuncture.  Honestly, I wouldn’t want to try at first. But why not try one last time?

I remembered my first visit with Dr. Tham was really different and surprising. Instead of going straight to the treatment room, Dr. Tham gave her straight top-notch explanation that  My parents and I were so clear that I wanna treat all my health issue instantly.  I’ve known HANS Neuro Acupuncture for almost 2 to 3 years. Although I’m not 100% well yet I am well enough to live without pains and frustration every day. Thank you so much, Dr. Tham and her lovely team for taking care of me. #cheers