Acupuncture is the practice of inserting sterilized, fine stainless-steel needles at specific points or areas of the body. Performed by well-trained Chinese Medicine physicians, acupuncture produces complex effects in a wide variety of ways, including the alteration of biochemical and physiological conditions ¹, as well as stimulation of metabolism and circulation in the human body ².

Chinese herbal medicine consists of various plants and some animal-derived substances with therapeutic and prophylactic properties. Herbs are prescribed and formulated according to the diagnosis of body’s condition, in order to strengthen the body’s deficiencies or to dispel the pathogenic factors of the human body ³.

Chinese herbal medicine is positively effective and safe when prescribed appropriately by qualified TCM physicians and consumed according the instructions given, to specifically treat the root cause of disease as well as addressing coexisting symptoms ⁴.

The duration of herbs intake depends on the purpose of the prescribed herbs and the diagnosis. Formulas will be modified or changed in coherence with the body’s present condition. It is important to follow up with respective physician as appointed to achieve timely treatment.

Our centre uses quality certified Chinese herbal granules ⁵ which can be stored for 1-2 years in cool and dry condition. Our herbs are constantly restocked therefore it is ensured that we provide herbs in its best quality. It is strongly advised to consume herbs following the prescribed dosage and duration. Consult your physician if there are leftover herbs from previous treatments.

Specific food and conventional medicine are not suitable to be taken with herbs.⁶ Specific dietary changes might be advised to complement the treatment. It is important to inform your physician regarding drugs or supplements consumed ⁷.Herbs are advised to be consumed in compliance with the instructions given by respective physician.

Herbal granules should be mixed either in room temperature water or warm water and consumed according to your physician’s instructions. The herbal granules are easily soluble in water.


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