My dad, aged 70+ is a heart patient and has undergone surgery with change of mechanical valve since 10 years ago. He is required to take warfarin medicine (blood thinning) for life. Besides, he has also undergone cataract surgery few years ago. In end of 2018, my dad encountered often headache and pressure inside his head. After consulted eyes specialist, he is being told that he was suffered from glaucoma which caused to increase of head pressure.

Subsequently, I brought my dad to Han Neuro Acupuncture & Herbal Specialists for acupuncture treatment for his headache and head pressure and being treated by Chief Practitioner, Ms Tham Hui Saan. Upon treatment, Ms. Tham has told us that my dad head pressure is unlikely cause by glaucoma. After few weeks, my dad condition become worse and unable to walk. Once again I brought my dad to Han Neuro for further checking by Ms. Tham and she is experienced enough to quickly pointed out that it may be internal brain bleeding and recommended us to admit my dad to hospital for further screening. Initially I had admitted my dad to emergency unit in HUKM, waited for few hours before treated by the medical officer and upon treatment/blood test which took almost half day, the medical officer was unable to detect or identify the cause of my dad sickness and has asked us to go home and return for follow up one month later. Next day, Ms. Tham from Han Neuro is care enough to give me a call to follow up on my dad situation and she was unsatisfied with the feedback from HUKM and has urged me to send my dad urgently to Tung Shin Hospital to seek neuro specialist for further checking and screening. Upon MRI screening, it has confirmed by doctor that my dad had brain breeding and blood clot and need to do surgery asap. The surgeon managed to took out almost 500ml of blood inside my dad head.

For the first few days after operation, my dad condition was not stable and unable to recognize most of the people visited him in ICU and often talk irrelevant. With our prayer and god blessing, my dad slowly back to normal and gradually recover and discharged after almost 2 weeks in hospital. It is a very tough time and unforgettable memories for me. We would like to express our gratitude to Ms. Tham for her sharp medical judgement and advice as well as concern over her patients.