Testimonial from Emily Goh

My name is Emily Goh. I am from Melaka. I am 51 this year.

I would like to thank you to the professionalism of Ms Tham and team of Han Neuro.

I got a stroke in 2015 I have to live with my family in Melaka leaving Kuala Lumpur for good. My left hand and leg got affected. I could hard walk and my hand have no strength. I could not drive and have to depend on people helping me. I was a ASST general Manager from 13 centers in Malaysia. Because of  this I had to stop working.

I got to know about Han from a friend in Jan 2016. I have been getting treatment 1 year after  since I get stroke.

My health and movement have improving tremendously trough their acupuncture, Ms Tham magic hands pressing my nerves and joints. Now they are treating my eyes sight which are improving day by day. As I am getting treatment and medication from Han. I am getting better and stronger and now I am able to work.

I requested my boss to be base in Melaka branch, I was demoted to become a Manager again.

I would like to really recommend those stroke patients and joint pain patient to seek their professionalism. Stroke can be heal with proper treatment.

*This patient is diagnose as Spastic hemiplegia.