Testimonial from CS Wong

I had migraine for the last 7 years. When it first started, the attacks were sporadic. The attack comes with severe throbbing head pain and nauseousness. I had to close my eyes tightly and stay in darker rooms to avoid the pain from light exposure.

Since last year, the attacks frequency increased to weekly and I get severe throbs, blurry visions and vomiting. I have to take the painkillers prescribed by doctors to ease my sufferings. I was worried that I need to be dependent on painkillers until my friend introduced me to HAN Neuro Acupuncture & Herbal Specialists.

I visited the center twice last year and received acupuncture treatment along with Miss. Tham’s unique touch-feel alignment. I also had one course of Chinese Medicine provided during my first visit and that’s all I need to go through to be relieved of my migraines! Is 1 year since I was treated and I am happy to say that I hardly have any migraine attacks!