Testimonial from Julia

I originally booked my first appointment with Miss Tham to help me recover after taking a course of antibiotics prescribed by the hospital for Pneumonia. I have suffered for many years from a recurring cycle of thrush and cystitis which usually starts after taking antibiotics. I did not want this to start again so I went to Miss Tham after she had been highly recommended by a colleague. Not only has Miss Tham’s treatments prevented the return of these ailments; she managed to successfully aid and speed up my recovery from pneumonia as well as treat many minor ailments that I had previously been suffering from for many years.

Since Miss Tham is so popular my first appointment was a few weeks after my initial decision to have acupuncture treatment. Coincidently my visit to Miss Tham coincided with a persistent headache that I had been suffering with for 3 days continually. After Miss Tham treated me I woke up the next day without a headache – I knew then that she was very good.

Since then I have visited Miss Tham on and off for over two years. She has successfully treated recurring cold sores which I had been suffering for over 20 years. More recent symptoms of the menopause such as night sweats, sore breasts. Unusual skin conditions acquired after travelling.

During one trip back to the UK from where I am originally from I unfortunately contracted what my British doctor termed as ‘Labyrinthitis’ which he told me was untreatable and very likely to return without warning. The only advice he could give me was to rest and offered me some medicine to calm down the symptoms of nausea. He told me the dizzy symptoms could last anything from a few days to a few months! Luckily on my return to Malaysia I had a pre-booked appointment with Miss Tham, on this particular visit I was not only suffering with the dizziness from Labyrinthitis, I was also incredibly jet lagged and had been unable to sleep for a few days. Miss Tham was very reassuring, put aside all my worries by laughing at the fact the UK doctor said it was untreatable and likely to return, she stated very clearly that I would be fine and after treatment the dizziness would be very unlikely to return. She was very confident about this and again reassured me that in the unlikely event the dizziness did return, she would easily be able to sort it out. During the treatment I fell asleep for the first time in days, she kindly left me to sleep for well over an hour. I slept that night and woke up the next day absolutely fine! No dizziness since and I my worries of this strange illness returning have also gone.

In my view Miss Tham is not only an incredibly good acupuncturist, she possesses a natural talent for picking up on a patient’s discomfort and is easily able to apply the best techniques for the symptoms and the patient. Miss Tham’s treatments include acupuncture needles, Chinese herbs and a Chinese manipulation method of which I am unaware of the name.

When diagnosing Miss Tham uses her skills as an acupuncturist as well as her intuition which is always spot on! I cannot recommend her highly enough. I am a very happy patient who would continue to see her weekly if she allowed me to; fortunately she has managed to treat my ailments with such success that I rarely feel the need to visit her anymore.