Dedicated to all readers,

My name is Alvin Khoo and I’m writing this on behalf of my mother who is 90 years old and had an unfortunate fall.

Here is a summary from 10-04-2018 till now: – 

10-04-2018 – Admitted to HUKM for discharge water from lungs.

13-04-2018 – She fell down and knock her head on the floor which cause internal bleeding. This cause her left eye unable to open. She was unable to move or turn. She was on ryes tube and on catheter. I was told by the doctor there that she got very slim chance of surviving. I’m very down and don’t know what to do.

27-04-2018 – We were asked to discharge from HUKM, so I brought her to the nursing home as I was unable to handle all her problems. She was having sleep disorders, Dysphagia and on catheter.

3-5-2018 – Stopped ryes tube and started feeding on milk and porridge.

27-5-2018 – Discharged form nursing home because the service is very bad. I took her home and employ a private nurse for one week.

3-6-2018 – She becomes less responsive and don’t want to take food and always sleepy.

4-6-2018 – Started have Philippines caregiver.

5-6-2018 – She is getting worse in the morning, so we have to admit her to Tung Shin hospital.

7-6-2018 – Follow up by neurologist who check with HUKM CT Brain scan for further discussion. Her brain is caused by fluid accumulation and have to do a VP shunt surgery. Her operation was successful.

12-6-2018 – Discharged from hospital and back home. After operation and a few appointments with neurologist and consider to be stable.

6-7-2018 – First session with Han Neuro Acupuncture by Chief physician Miss Tham Hui Saan.

26-7-2018 – 4th session is becoming better with her miracle hands on needle. I was overwhelmed with her works. I can see my mom is improving a lot. She’s beginning to talk and eat.

24-9-2018 – 10th session, she is able to walk a few steps, and her left eye beginning to open slightly.

8-11-2018 – 18th session, she talks a lot and having good appetite. I’m so happy to see the improvement is getting better and better. Her left eye can fully opened.

12-12-2018 – 23rd session, her catheter was removed and she can urinate by her own.

20-1-2018 – 27th session, she is almost 90% better form what she was. I/m so thankful to Miss Tham who had given her life back. She is really good in curing neuro and stroke patients. I would like to advice all of you, please don’t give up and have faith in her. What more can I say besides a big thank ou to Miss Tham and may God blessed you for giving all your patients hope.

From Alvin Khoo/ Mdm. Lee Yat Ying