My name is Ong Seow Fua, during February in 2017 I had a fall. Doctor took an X-ray on the injured small toe and found only a hair line crack. After a month, I still find myself difficult in walking, due in-balance. I consulted the doctor in charge about my condition.

The doctor arranged MRI scanning for my spine and didn’t found any visible abnormal sign that can explain my condition. Then he advised me to seek a neurologist. Through a doctor friend’s recommendation, I made an appointment with a neurologist in SJMC.

The Neurologist doctor sent me for blood test and nerve conduction test. From the test result, she diagnosed my issue as an auto immune disease called CIDP (Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy). In April 2017, I was admitted to hospital to have immunoglobulin injection and I need to take steroids such as Prednisone to suppress the immune system for the rest of my treatment plan.

Even though I was on medication, but my imbalance in walking is getting worst, the stiffness strikes my calves and feet, I felt they were tied and make me easily to fall, thus I need to accompany by walking stick when I travel. At the same time, my lower limb felt so weak and numbness is bothering my fingers.

In May 2017, I decided to seek treatment from Traditional Chinese Medicine. After having acupuncture for a few months, sometime in Sept 2017, this TCM physician recommend me to Han Neuro Acupuncture & Herbal Specialists in Cyberjaya. From Sept 2017 until May
2018, Miss Tham treated me with acupuncture and manipulation on my limbs and head. Throughout the months, my lower limbs’ strength has re-gain, while the movement of my both ankle, feet and toes flexibility has improved. As a result, my movement balance had improved and now I can go back to practice my ballroom dancing. I am feeling happy and more confident on Miss Tham. Thank you so much to Dr Tham and everybody in Han Neuro.